Enjoy one of the easiest ways to get paid, by signing up for Direct Deposit through your employer. Don’t wait in line to cash your check and even set up distributions between savings, loans and checking accounts.

Direct Deposit Form

1. Verify your employer offers Direct Deposit and determine how much you would like electronically sent to the credit union (Net Check refers to sending 100% of your paycheck, but some employers offer a variety of Direct Deposit choices).

2. Provide your employer with either a voided check (deposit would be directed to your checking) or provide your employer with our ABA (or routing) number 2750-8243-9 and your full membership number and account suffix for example account #11111 and savings suffix 020 would be listed as 0011111020.

3. By providing this account number information your direct deposit is always posted directly to your account in the morning prior to any other activity for the day.

4. Please note, that in order to start the process it will take your employer one payroll cycle to run a “pre-authorization” to test your account number.

5. Feel free to print this out and call the credit union to verify your account number prior to submitting to your employer. (262) 255-0833

ABA (routing) Number 2750-8243-9

Account Number _______________________

Account Type (saving or checking) ______________