Burleigh Branch Closing

The Burleigh Square Branch has closed as of 9/1/18

FCU offers over 50 Fee-Free ATMs located in the Metro Milwaukee area FCU and will continue to serve members at both our Menomonee Falls and Wauwatosa branches. FOCUS members can also visit one of the near by Shared Branch locations to conduct transactions.

FOCUS Credit Union is in a strong financial position and will continue to meet the needs of our membership. We are also pleased to announce that all current staff has been offered positions at our other branches.  Operational efficiency is what allows the credit union to offer low loan rates, high savings rates and continued reductions and elimination of fees.



Shared Branching

Did you know that FOCUS Credit Union belongs to the CO-OP Shared Branch network? 

Watch the video below to learn more about what this service can do for you!



Have you heard about our Debit Card Rewards??

One of the amazing features of our MasterCard Debit Card is that our members have the ability to earn cash back reward offers!  Ampre offers you cash back on the places you shop the most.  Click on the link below to enroll…it’s a free and easy way to make some extra cash!



All MasterCard Credit Cards Earn Points!

FOCUS Credit Union offers reward points on both the Classic and the Gold card!  Click on the link below to enroll and find out what you can spend your points on.

Earning rewards have never been easier!


FOCU Card PRoofs 1 23 13 Web MessagesFOCU Card PRoofs 1 23 13 Web Messages